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Adoption Services

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Who Are We?
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Small radios/boom boxes

Portable CD players

CDs (no parental warnings) such as NOW! CDs

Wawa or Sheetz Gift Cards

Sports cards

SnapTite Model Car Kits

Magazines (for Teen Boys and Girls)

Headphones or Ear Buds

Axe or Old Spice Hygiene products (no aerosols)

Feminine Hygiene Products

Origami Book and Paper


Blow Dryers/Curling Irons

Manicure Kits

Nail Polish Kits

Teen Girl Pajamas

Hacky sacks

Movies (rated G/PG/PG13)

Sport Team T-Shirts

Pens, Markers, Sharpies

Board games and card games

Hats (baseball and beanies)

Laundry bags

Small room trashcans


Plastic mirrors



Playground Balls

Baseball Gloves