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Adolescent, ages twelve (12) through eighteen (18), who have been abused or neglected, or face significant mental health or behavioral challenges often act in ways that are not socially acceptable without treatment. When treatment at home is not effective, those behaviors must be confronted in an intensive, supportive environment. The Children's Home of Reading provides three (3) distinct residential programs for this purpose. The treatment time is as brief as possible, while allowing necessary time for the child to heal and learn to make better behavioral choices. They learn to take responsibility for their actions and their future...behaviorally, emotionally and academically. For many of our clients, that empowerment brings healing and positive behavioral changes.

Individualized service planning is an integral part of the treatment process. The planning is active and ongoing with the involvement of the client, parent, referring agencies (county MH/MR office, behavioral healthcare organization, and either county child welfare or juvenile probation office, if appropriate), and our staff. We provide transportation, when necessary, for court appearances, medical appointments and other contracted services. Transportation for therapeutic leave will be discussed, when applicable, between our staff, parents and county caseworkers to determine available resources and options. The clinical program provides comprehensive assessment and intensive treatment services. The initial evaluation process includes psychiatric evaluation, biopsychosocial assessment and a nursing assessment for medical/physical issues. Our nurse (RN) oversees the medical and dental care of the client while they are with us.

The client’s family is afforded the opportunity to fully participate in the planning for and delivery of services, unless prohibited by court order. Frequent and regular family contact is encouraged. Therapeutic leaves are scheduled consistent with the treatment plan, and with reasonable wishes of the client and family, and any existing court order and/or permanency plan. Leaves may occur both on and off grounds in addition to overnight/weekends providing all safety parameters are met.

The Psychiatrist assesses the client on a monthly basis to determine treatment progress and to monitor the effectiveness of any psychotropic medication. Group therapy, individual therapy and family therapy are an essential part of the treatment program.

Parent groups are facilitated for parents of current clients or those clients who have been discharged within the last six (6) months. The group is a support system for parents and provides an opportunity to share the common experience of having their children reside in a residential treatment setting.

The program provides intensive treatment conducted by a multi-disciplinary team under the direction of a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Group supervision is conducted on a weekly basis through staff meetings and individual supervision is conducted on a regular basis.

For three (3) months post discharge, aftercare services consisting of individual and/or family therapy are available. The frequency of these sessions is determined by therapeutic need.

Life skills education is initially integrated into groups such as anger management, interpersonal skills, personal appearance, assertiveness, goal setting, problem solving, communication, peer pressure, self-esteem, health, emergency safety skills, housekeeping and other social skills. These groups are conducted throughout the program schedule, at least two times per week.

Clients in the residential programs have the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled activities arranged by our staff. These developmentally appropriate activities are held both on the campus and in the community. These may include sporting events, entertainment, arts and crafts, library activities and other skill building activities. The clients also have daily access to the gym and recreation room, offering them billiards, table tennis, arcade, and board games. Special recreational privileges will be earned in conjunction with the client’s individual treatment plan and the behavioral management system. Client may be given access to our grounds, including our community garden, outdoor activity building, basketball court, and activity field. Opportunities to participate in community service, such as the Boy Scouts, and volunteerism are made available to clients in accordance with their treatment plan.

We provide an opportunity for each client to participate in religious activities and worship services, taking into account choices specified by the family. Arrangements for attendance at religious services will be permitted based on staff availability and/or parental supervision. Upon request of the client, arrangements can be made for a clergyperson to meet with the client on an individual basis. If enough interest is expressed by the clients as a group, efforts will be made to provide a spirituality group. Our Children's Chapel will be available for when its construction is completed in October.

The residential units provide a 24-hour per day supervised therapeutic milieu. There are security cameras throughout facility as well as motion detectors in all double rooms.

Our two dining areas are also used for group activities and other recreational events.

For referrals and enrollment please contact our Admissions Supervisor, Beth Garrigan, at (610) 478-8266 extension 503 or by fax at (610) 898-0001. Pre-placement interviews may be required to determine if our program meets the needs of your child. We offer same day referral response - if received by noon and all information is included. If not, your response will be given the next day.